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Operating Instructions

  1. Place KaZAM Bicycle on a smooth, flat surface at all times.
  2. Sit with feet on the ground, lean slightly forward, and grip handlebars with hands. The correct handlebar adjustments are important factors in getting the most performance and comfort from your bicycle. Adjust the seat height so that the feet reach the ground when riding. The handlebar height should be adjusted accordingly so that the rider can comfortably reach the handlebars in the seated position.
  3. To propel the bicycle forward, push by alternating both feet continuously.
  4. Place feet on the footrest and practice balancing while gliding.
  5. To bring KaZAM to a stop, wait for the bicycle to slow and put your feet on the ground.

Safety Guidelines

  • When unpacking the KaZAM Bicycle, properly dispose of all plastic wrappings.
  • Adult supervision is strongly recommended at all times.
  • The KaZAM Bicycle should only be used by children ages 2 ½ years and up.
  • Never use the KaZAM Bicycle near steps, swimming pools, other bodies of water or vehicle traffic.
  • Never use the KaZAM Bicycle on sloped driveways and hills or rough, uneven surfaces. For use on smooth paved surfaces only.
  • The KaZAM Bicycle has no brake system. The rider should stop the bicycle with his or her feet.
  • Never use the KaZAM Bicycle in wet or icy conditions, at night or at times of limited visibility.
  • To prevent falls, the bicycle seat should be adjusted accordingly to allow the feet to rest on the ground.
  • Always wear a helmet when riding your bicycle. Always keep the chin strap securely buckled. Failure to wear an approved helmet may result in serious injury or death.
  • Always wear closed-toe shoes when riding the KaZAM Bicycle. The KaZAM Bicycle should not be used on public roads. It is strongly recommended this bicycle be used only in areas such as playgrounds or appropriate safe locations.
  • The maximum load should not exceed 75 lbs or 34 kg.
  • Please observe the minimum/maximum insertion-depth marks for seat post and handlebar stem.
  • Maintain proper tire pressure (40 psi). Under inflated tires increase the likelihood of blowouts. Check air pressure with a gauge. If a tire gauge is not available, pinch tire between the thumb and forefinger; the tire should feel firm. The correct tire pressure is marked on the side of the tire. DO NOT OVER INFLATE.


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